Introducing Velo Veneto – Italian Cycling Vacations

Buongiorno readers, and welcome to Velo Veneto! For over 25 years, Velo Veneto has been making Italian cycling dreams come true. Whether it’s racing your bike in Italy on fully-closed roads, riding a Gran Fondo in the land that invented them, or climbing the famous Dolomite passes of the Giro d’Italia, there is simply nothing like a cycling adventure in Italy!

Just because our primary focus is on the ride, doesn’t mean we forget the other parts of la dolce vita. Every day, you’ll eat local, fresh food from the best restaurants and agriturismi, drink some of the best Italian wines (many of which are hard to find in the US), and visit some of the pillars of the Italian cycling industry, which surrounds us!

Always wanted to ride in Italy, but having to leave the family behind stopped you? Our single location “summer camp” style means you can ride while the family visits the historical sites, heads out for a hike or game of golf, or just relaxes by the pool. Everyone is happy!

If reading’s daily stage previews and watching Giro stages online makes you say, “I wish I was riding in Italy right now!” then tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll help you make that dream come true!

Please note – 2014 is Sold Out! But it’s never too early to start thinking about 2015!
Monte Grappa Panorama by Jered Gruber

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