Terms and Conditions

What’s Included

Accommodations in three and four star quality hotel(s).
Two participants share a room. Participants will be required to room with participants of the same sex if they do not register with a traveling companion. To guarantee a single room, a $40/night (or as stated in the camp description) single supplement will be charged per person. If Velo Veneto is not able to match you with a participant of the same sex to share a room during your stay, you will be charged the single supplement.

Three meals per day.
Unless specified otherwise in your itinerary, three meals per day are included. Breakfast and lunch are typically taken in our hotel dining room, though lunch may occasionally be taken on the road if our day’s riding itinerary takes us away from the hotel. Dinners are a mix of our hotels’ family-run restaurants and local restaurants or agriturismi. For guests over the age of 18, wine or beer is included with dinner. Inebriated guests will not be served alcohol.

Ground Transportation
Velo Veneto provides all participants transportation to and from all camp activities, including races, other events, meals, and other activities. Even if the participant is not taking part in the event, they are welcome to travel with the group. Sightseeing is not a focus of the camp, but upon request of the participants, Velo Veneto will provide transportation to local towns or attractions. During certain periods of the year, guided excursions will be available for an additional payment. If the participant would like to visit another location or attraction than the group, they will be responsible for their own transportation.

Daily Rides
Every day, weather permitting, a guided ride is included. The route and terrain will vary to give every guest the opportunity to enjoy the wide variety of scenery and cycling challenges on offer. The group ride will be led by Velo Veneto staff, or independent contractors engaged by Velo Veneto to lead the rides. The rides may occasionally be joined by local pro and/or amateur riders, but they are not associated with Velo Veneto in any official capacity and are not responsible as “ride leaders”. If participants choose not to join the day’s group ride, Velo Veneto will do its best to provide maps and/or directions for a self-guided ride, but such rides will be considered a “non-camp activity”.

Airport or train station transfers are included to Venice Marco Polo, Treviso, Castelfranco Veneto, or Bassano del Grappa. Transportation to and from airports and train stations in other towns is available for an additional fee. If your itinerary specifies another airport or train station, that location shall be considered a replacement for the above-listed locations.

Racing License and Event Entry Fees
Racing in Italy requires an Italian license, and your license fee is included in your program fee. Race entry fees and/or other cycling event fees are included. If an event requires individuals to register themselves, the fee will be deducted from your camp fee.

Velo Veneto Team Clothing
You will be required to race in a Velo Veneto jersey if you enter an Italian race, and the jersey will be provided for you when you arrive at the camp. A pair of bibshorts is also included. If your size is not available, we will attempt to order the clothing from our supplier, but cannot guarantee it will arrive during your stay. If clothing is not available during your stay, it will be shipped to your home at no additional charge.

What’s Not Included

Travel Insurance
Velo Veneto requires that all guests obtain travel insurance that provides cover for accidents, personal injury, loss of luggage, and cancellation of their itinerary. Velo Veneto is not liable for personal injury, death, damage to property, or other loss whether arising from accident, cancellation, delays, or any other matter beyond our control. Guests must provide proof of insurance or sign a travel insurance waiver.

Velo Veneto fees do not include any air, land, or sea transportation prior to your arrival at the camp. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to a local airport or train station (or straight to the camp), and back home at the conclusion of their stay. Velo Veneto does not recommend any specific transportation provider, and cannot be held responsible for any delays encountered during your travel, even if they cause you to miss part or all of your stay. No refund will be given for any portion of Velo Veneto services missed due to travel interruptions or delays. Velo Veneto requires that all of our guests purchase travel insurance.

Any food consumed outside of the group meals is the participant’s responsibility, including any food, energy, or nutrition products necessary to comfortably and safely complete a ride.

Any expenses incurred by a participant on free time, when visiting an event, or participating in a group activity that are not explicitly mentioned in “What’s Included” (above) are the responsibility of the participant. This includes, but is not limited to, phone and internet fees, laundry charges, souvenirs, personal items, medical expenses, and other expenses of a personal nature.

Currency Surcharge
Velo Veneto pricing is based on the US Dollar/Euro exchange rate at a single point in time. Should the exchange rate rise to more than 1.35 USD/Euro, Velo Veneto reserves the right to implement a currency surcharge. Should you wish to cancel due to the currency surcharge, you will be subject to the appropriate cancellation fee as described below.

From time to time, Velo Veneto may partner with a named individual or individuals to promote and run specific cycling camps or tours. If this named individual or individuals should not be able to appear at the camp or tour for any reason, no refund or rebate shall be given, whether or not Velo Veneto is able to secure a suitable replacement.

Changes to Your Camp Reservation

Changes to arrival or departure dates are permitted, based on Velo Veneto availability. If your change requires additional nights, you will be billed for those additional nights at the RATE IN EFFECT AT THE TIME OF YOUR CHANGE.

Any changes to your reservation that result in an increased camp fee, and occur within 60 days of your arrival date will require immediate full payment. Changes to your reservation that result in a reduced camp fee will be refunded subject to cancellation fees noted below in “Cancellations”.


How to Cancel

You must cancel your program in writing by US Mail, by signed fax, or scanned signed document. Cancellations cannot be accepted by phone or email. The effective date of cancellation will be the postmark on your letter of notification or the date of receipt of a signed fax or scanned document.
Mail Cancellations To:
Velo Veneto
4040 Civic Center Dr. Suite 200
San Rafael, CA 94903
Fax Cancellations To:

Cancellations are subject to the listed fees depending on the number of days prior to your arrival at Velo Veneto.
Less than 30 days after REGISTRATION – Full refund
60 days or more before arrival – $500 cancellation fee
Within 45 days of arrival – $1500 cancellation fee, or the entirety of your camp fee, whichever is less.
Within 15 days of arrival – No refund
50% of the cancellation fee can be applied to another Velo Veneto trip within 1 year of your original trip date.

If you are owed a refund of fees paid, it will be mailed within 30 days of receipt of your cancellation notice.

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