Ride With Us and Put #MoreKidsOnBikes with NICA

NICA League Team Photo

NICA founder Matt FritzingerIn 2000, NorCal High School MTB founder Matt Fritzinger spent the summer at Velo Veneto’s Race Camp. “Racing in Italy was a lifetime experience for all the reasons you might assume: the roads, vineyards, mountains, food, culture, and passionate embrace of cycling—but I also discovered what it meant to have a coach and left inspired to turn the humble Berkeley High School MTB team into something more,” says Fritzinger.

That something more has become more than 500 teams and clubs in 14 leagues operating in 13 states serving more than 7,000 student-athletes. They are supported by more than 3,000 coaches and dozens of partners and sponsors.

We always want to support the growth of the great sport of cycling we love so much, and we feel a special connection to NICA and its leagues, which had their genesis in an inspiring summer with us. Over the years, we have made annual donations to our local NorCal High School Cycling League and seen the impact as more kids and families get excited about cycling. Recognizing we represent an area much broader than the local league near our headquarters, we’ve worked with NICA to broaden our reach around the country and make it easier for you to get involved.

During the 2016 season, $100 of your camp fee will be donated to NICA. Their goal is to develop interscholastic mountain biking coast-to-coast by 2020. You’ll also learn more about the organization and the local leagues through co-produced content, and be invited to special opportunities to get involved in existing leagues or to become a founding partner of a new league.

We’re excited about the growth of this great movement, and we hope you get excited about #morekidsonbikes!

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Why We’re Supporting the Cylance Pro Cycling Team

It’s not every day you see a cycling tour company step up to support a top-level professional cycling team. So why is Velo Veneto so excited to be working with the Cylance Pro Cycling Team? Three simple reasons.

1. Growth – We expect the additional exposure of supporting the team to introduce us to a whole new audience, many of whom we hope will travel with us. But this isn’t growth for the sake of growth. Having a bigger and broader audience will allow us to develop more of our unique brand of cycling camps in more of the sport’s iconic locations. We’ll also be able to offer camps more often throughout the year, meaning you can come ride with us at a time that fits YOUR schedule.

2. Quality – Giving you an amazing experience is always the primary factor in all of our decisions. Now we’ll be able to ride with Cylance Pro Cycling Team members at Velo Veneto camps throughout the year. They will contribute to our blog and newsletters, offering insight into what it takes to get to, and stay at, this level and the amazing places around the world pro cycling takes them. We’ll be working with the team’s other partners and sponsors to make each and every camp better—whether that be exclusive access, product demos, or unique meet-and-greet opportunities—for all of our guests.

3. Women’s Cycling – We see the growth of top-level women’s events like the Amgen Women’s Tour of California, La Course, and the Madrid Challenge as long-awaited recognition of the fantastic spectacle that is women’s professional cycling. We are excited to help make top level women’s teams at top level events the rule, rather than the exception. We love seeing the growth of women’s sport and look forward to welcoming more and more women at our camps.

Look forward to more information as the season goes along about specific training camps, opportunities to meet the team, and much, much more. Join us!

Official Press Release

Osmo Nutrition and Velo Veneto Partner for Unique Women’s Cycling Camp in Italy’s Dolomite Mountains

Passo Pordoi Panorama

(May 21, 2015: Fairfax, CA) Osmo Nutrition announced today that it has become the hydration partner for the Velo Veneto Women’s Dolomites Cycling Camp. This unique cycling camp has been designed from the ground up by women and will be staffed exclusively by women. “As inventors of the revolutionary line of hydration and recovery products specially formulated to meet women’s performance needs, we couldn’t think of a more natural partner than Osmo,” said Coreen Mazzochi of Velo Veneto. “The camp is designed to improve every aspect of our guests’ cycling; hydration and recovery will be essential to top performance here in the Dolomites.”

“Women are not small men,” said Dr. Stacy Sims, Osmo founder. “The estrogen and progesterone in our bodies impacts our performance as athletes. Osmo for Women products are based on findings that other scientists and I have published in peer-reviewed journals to address these effects. Female athletes often blame their fitness for poor performance but it is really their physiology.”

Osmo will provide guests at the Women’s Dolomites Cycling Camp with Women’s Preload Hydration, Hydration, and Protein recovery.

ABOUT Osmo Nutrition
Osmo Nutrition produces the best sports hydration & recovery products based on sound, peer-reviewed science, fieldwork with athletes, and the pioneering work of our Co-Founder Dr. Stacy Sims. Our philosophy is to use science and physiology to create unique products for men, women, and children. Hydration in the bottle, food in the pocket.
Osmo Nutrition – Lisa Hunt
[email protected]

ABOUT Velo Veneto
Velo Veneto is a cycling vacation provider based in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Founded in 1986, the company focuses on challenging cycling trips for avid cyclists, racers, and gran fondo riders. In addition to scheduled camps, Velo Veneto also provides custom events for clubs, teams, and businesses.
Velo Veneto – Jason Cardillo
[email protected]


Benvenuto Jamie Bookwalter!

Jamie Dinkins Bookwalter

As we enter our 30th year (don’t feel a day over 29!), we will be both looking back at the past and towards an exciting future. Part of that future is bringing in new people to show you great rides in new places. Some of these people, like the amazing Jamie Bookwalter, will also grace the pages of our website from time to time with their words, sharing stories about the places we ride.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce Jamie Bookwalter. Jamie lives part time in Asheville, NC, and Girona, Spain. She studied the European Woodwasp in graduate school, and holds a M.S. in Forestry from University of Georgia. She raced professionally as a mountain biker for four years, and raced two years on the road for the Colavita professional cycling team. She has traveled extensively in Europe with the US national team, as bike guide, and as a tourist. Her husband, Brent Bookwalter, is a seven-year veteran of BMC racing team, and she has cheered him on at all three grand tours.

You can follow Jamie on Twitter and you can ride with her on select Velo Veneto trips and at their fall event in North Carolina, The Bookwalter Binge.

Look for her first post this weekend, and join us in welcoming her to the Velo Veneto family!

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

One of the most enjoyable parts of Velo Veneto specifically, and cycling travel in general, is the variety. Most people think of the variety of roads, views, climbs, or races. For me, though, the variety of people, opinions, and worldviews is simply fascinating.

Throughout our history, we have had riders from many, many countries and every continent, race, religious background, political view, and any other difference you can think of. Every one of these people has added something – not only to the group they ride with, but to Velo Veneto as a whole.

And through all these years, differences, and dinner table discussions, the discourse has always remained civilized. So the violence at Charlie Hebdo today is very disturbing. No one should have to live in fear after expressing an opinion. No one should lose a father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, loved one, or friend because of an opinion. There is simply no excuse for this violence. So today we stand with Charlie Hebdo – Je Suis Charlie.

But we must also be on the watch for other curbs on journalistic opinion. Though our minds are on violence today, journalists also feel threatened when advertisers pressure for favorable coverage. Publications feel the heat from the politically powerful to promote or bury stories, or advance a particular opinion. Industry titans, and wanna-be titans, use a combination of the above to affect the narrative about products, services, and legislation.

Yet the fourth estate, whether it be the storied New York Times or niche publications like VeloNews or Cyclingnews, is critical to the ability of the public at large to gather information, see from a variety of perspectives, and hear other opinions – all important elements in the process of forming our own ideas and opinions. When the thoughts, ideas, and words of journalists are threatened in any means, we all become poorer for it.

So today, while we stand with Charlie Hebdo, we also stand with anyone resisting pressure on free thought and expression. The richness of the Velo Veneto experience is not only in the variety of roads and mountains, but in the ideas and beliefs of our guests and those who influence them.