Velo Veneto Vineyard Ride
Gorgeous scenery, challenging rides, old-world ambience, and delicious northern Italian cuisine are yours to enjoy when you come to Italy for a cycling vacation at Velo Veneto. Our guests who prefer touring rather than racing will have a guide and/or GPS, and a different route to follow every day. Rides include the breathtaking Dolomite Mountains and the Monte Grappa&emdash;a spectacular climb to 1772 meters, with 26 switchbacks for a total of 27 km! Or how about touring through the rolling vineyards of the world famous Prosecco sparkling wine region?
The format of our touring camp allows visitors to become intimately acquainted with the people and lifestyle of one region. Rather than simply passing through an area on their way somewhere else, our riders experience the life of the area by seeing it up close. Have you ever wanted to do that one favorite ride a second time during a cycling vacation? At Velo Veneto you can, because during your stay, you’ll be living in the Veneto region.
Sufficient training prior to attending the camp is recommended to insure that you can ride 25 to 60 miles per day, over rolling and/or mountainous terrain. Age is not a factor as much as riding condition.
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Looking for something a bit more strenuous than touring rides? No problem, read more about our Training, Racing, or Gran Fondo options.