Italian Bike Race Finish

Bicycle Racing in Italy

2018 Race Camps!

7-night camps start at less than $2,300 and include your Italian license, race entry fees, and Velo Veneto team kit. Bring your teammates, and race in Italy as a team! Discounts are available for group organizers and groups of 6 or more riders. Clubs or Teams with 10 or more riders can book a private race camp! Contact us if you have any questions, or learn more!

Bicycle racing in Italy is more popular and highly developed than in any other country and is an important part of Italian culture. As pasta and wine are part of the Italian tradition, so is cycling.

Amateur races are an integral part of nearly every town celebration, and from March to October, there are literally hundreds of races to choose from within a short drive (or ride!) from camp. Our region, the Veneto, has more licensed racers, and races, than any other region in Italy.

Racing is highly developed in all categories, which in Italy are age-graded: 15-18 are called Debuttante, 19-27 are Cadetti, 28-32 Juniors, 33-39 Seniors, 40-47 Veterani, 48-55 Gentlemen, 56-62 Super Gentlemen-A and 63-70 Super Gentlemen-B. Women often race with the Super Gentlemen. The races are very aggressive and fast and fields often have more than 100 riders. Courses are usually 5-10 km circuits. Most races are held on weekends with occasional weekday evening criterium-style events called notturne.

Racing in Italy requires an Italian license, which as a member club, Velo Veneto provides for you. Over the past 30 years, we have helped thousands of cyclists take their racing to a higher level! We are sure you will have a unique and rewarding cycling experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

When not racing, we’ll train in the heartland of Italian cycling. With flat farmlands to the south, rolling vineyard-covered hills east and west, and the Dolomites to the north, there’s no better place to train in all of Italy. Available mechanic service and massage will have you living the pro life and wondering if you can’t skip another week of work after all.

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