Monte Grappa Panorama
We chose the Veneto because of its fantastic combination of flat roads, rolling vineyard hills, and its easy access to the great mountain passes of the Giro d’Italia. Make no mistake, there are no bad places to ride in Italy, but the Veneto, for those in the know, really stands out.
While all are welcome, our camp is designed for the serious cyclist, and our daily rides all assume a basic level of cycling skill and endurance. We recommend that all of our riders should be comfortable riding in a group or paceline at speed, and be able to comfortably complete 70+ mile rides, including those in mountainous terrain.
Non-cycling activities are available for those who don’t ride, but wish to accompany a cycling partner. Please contact us to discuss your specific cycling vacation ideas.

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Do you want to see Italy and the Veneto first-hand? Join us this summer for cycling adventures based in the Veneto and see not only Venice itself, but the verdant farmlands, rolling vineyards, and snow-capped mountains of the Veneto region. Learn more about our Racing, Training, Gran Fondo, Adventure, or Escape camps. If you’re ready, reserve your place now! Not quite ready to join us? Sign up for our mailing list and stay tuned until you are ready.