Easton Cycling is a company focused on innovation and driven by technology. That rolls off the tongue pretty easily and you’ll find it on a million corporate websites, annual reports, and all kinds of prospectus. Yet few companies can back it up the way they can. Their founder began manufacturing arrows from aluminum instead of the material of choice for thousands of years, cedar wood, in 1939. Ever since that tradition wrecking moment, they’ve really, actually been a company focused on innovation and driven by technology. For example, if you had a chance to ride the EC90SLX carbon tubulars we had a camp in 2011, you likely called them the “best braking carbon wheel I’ve ever ridden.” Velo Veneto riders will have more chances to roll out on Easton products soon!


Strava lets athletes all over the world experience social fitness – sharing, comparing and competing with each other’s personal fitness data via mobile and online apps. Currently focused on the needs of avid cyclists and runners, Strava lets you track your rides and runs via your iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device to analyze and quantify your performance. Strava makes fitness a social experience, providing motivation and camaraderie even if you’re exercising alone. Velo Veneto riders receive special discounts on Strava and Strava-related gear.

Hotel Monte Grappa

Located 2 km from Asolo (an historical and artistic center) you will find Castelcucco, a peaceful town in the green Treviso countryside. Here, in the main square, is situated the Hotel Monte Grappa, a quiet and welcoming family-run hotel with 72 beds and our Villa. Ristorante Monte Grappa is a 3-star Restaurant with a 150-seat banquet room and a conference room for 25 people.

Whole Athlete

We are very excited to tell you that we have strengthened our connection with Whole Athlete. Both Pat and I have known founder Dario Fredrick (among other Whole Athlete coaches) for years. We admire their athletes’ success, agree with their approach, and most importantly, think their philosophy meshes well with the Velo Veneto approach to riding and life – riding well and living well are interconnected! Additionally, Dario has local connections; his mother is from Bassano, and he is a frequent visitor to, and rider on, the roads we tackle every year.