Do I need a lot of experience to join Velo Veneto?
Not necessarily. We do expect all riders joining our training and racing camp to be confident riding in a group or paceline, climbing and descending mountain passes, and riding anywhere from 35-100 miles per day. Regardless of what shape you arrive in, the goal is to improve your riding. What you do need is a passion for cycling, just like the Italians! For some of our riders, winning is the goal; for others, learning and improving is what they strive for. For everyone, having fun is always the result.

Getting Around

What airport should I fly in to?
The closest international airport is the Aeroporto Marco Polo in Venice.
How do I get to Velo Veneto from Venice?
We come get you – airport pickup is included!
What if I want to rent my own car?
Experience has taught us that pre-booking your car for pickup at the Venice airport is the least expensive way to go. You can even get the car later in your trip by riding with the team van on airport pickup/drop-off days to get your car.
What if I want to travel around Italy after my stay at Velo Veneto?
If you want to do some further travel in Italy after your stay with us, we can store your bike and/or bike case in our secure garage at no charge.
What about non-cyclists?
We encourage non-cyclists to experience the Veneto region with you. Please keep in mind we don’t provide transportation except for camp activities. Starting in 2014, a guide will be available to take guests on local excursions to historical sites, vineyards, and great shopping! Longer day trips will also be available for an extra cost. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.
How much pocket money will I need?
Your daily camp fee covers your lodging, three meals per day and transportation to races and other camp activities. You’ll need money for coffee, gelato, sight-seeing, and shopping! There is an ATM at the bank in Castelcucco and most merchants accept Mastercard and Visa cards.


Do you rent bikes?
We have high-quality aluminum and carbon rental bikes available at a cost of $250 per week. However, we strongly suggest you bring your own bike. For guests who only stay a short time, a rental bike might be appropriate.
Will there be a mechanic available?
You are responsible for the working condition of your bike. We suggest getting a tune-up before you arrive. Our garage has basic tools available for minor repairs; for major repairs there are a couple of bike shops with expert mechanics nearby.
I’ll be racing, what about a license?
To race in Italian federation races you must have an Italian federation license. A USA Cycling or UCI license is not accepted. As an Italian registered team, Velo Veneto will issue a license to you. Please bring two passport-sized photos for your license.
How much does it cost to enter races?
Nothing! Your entry fees are either covered or reimbursed by Velo Veneto.
What jersey will I wear?
If you are racing you must wear a Velo Veneto team jersey. Otherwise, wear what you please. Even in the summer, we suggest bringing both hot and cold weather clothes. Especially in the mountains, the weather can be quite variable.
What gearing is best for the Veneto region?
For climbs like the Monte Grappa or Passo Rolle in the Dolomites, we suggest at least a 34×25. For racing a 50×12 is often needed. We HIGHLY recommend a compact chain ring; a 50/34 x 12/28 is perfect. Contact us for more specific help on this question.

The Fine Print

What about Insurance?
Medical/Accident insurance is very important when traveling internationally. Check with your policy for specifics regarding “dangerous sports” coverage. You are responsible for providing your own insurance coverage. We also recommend purchasing travel insurance, which covers you if you are delayed or must change your travel plans. Velo Veneto does not provide insurance for you.
What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy is described in detail on our Terms and Conditions page. The short answer is, the closer to your travel date, the higher your cancellation fee.