Velo Veneto 2011
Founded in 1986, Velo Veneto has served cyclists from the US junior national team members to 70-something veterans, and everyone in between. Our aim is to provide you with the best combination of la dolce vita and challenging cycling. Unlike touring companies, Velo Veneto camps are based in one location, allowing us to focus on your cycling experience rather than the logistics of moving around every day.

At Race Camp

On The Bike

Every non-race day, except Monday (which is typically a rest day), a morning group ride leaves our hotel. One or two days per week, we take a short drive into the Dolomites to climb the famous passes of the Giro d’Italia. Our rides vary in duration from three to five hours, based on the group, their experience, and proximity to upcoming events. We chose our location in the Veneto for its diverse terrain, which easily provides for all of our training needs. To the north are long mountain climbs, to the east and west are rolling, vineyard-covered hills, and to the south the Padovana plain.
Most of the roads have a smooth, clean, asphalt surface, and there are many roadside springs flowing with unpolluted, refreshing cold water. The beauty of the Italian countryside, with its many small towns, ancient ruins, and historic landmarks, makes riding seem effortless. Because cycling is so popular in Italy, motorists treat you with respect, and you can expect encouragement from the people you pass along the street. It’s a cyclist’s dream!

Off The Bike

When we’re not riding, our focus is on living la dolce vita. With generous personal time each day, you can nap, watch Italian coverage of pro racing, or explore the history, art, and architecture of the Veneto. For those who want, trips to neighboring towns for sightseeing or shopping are available. In the evenings, we enjoy a hearty dinner at either the Hotel Monte Grappa restaurant (featuring hand-made pizzas and pastas) or one of the many local restaurants or agriturismi serving some of the best food Italy has to offer!

Our Other Camps

On the Bike

From the quiet rolling roads of Friuli, up the dramatic Dolomites and Grand Alps, through the vineyards of Provence, and into the empty back roads of Catalonia, our Adventure and Escape Camps find you the best cycling in the world. The challenge is determined by your choice of camp: our Adventures offering longer routes with extended climbing and more technically demanding riding; our Escapes slow down the tempo and the challenge of the rides, allowing you more time and energy to enjoy what lies ahead off the bike. Rest assured you’ll enjoy the best local rides, whether that is a bucket-list climb or a small local road unknown to anyone more than 5km away.

Off the Bike

La Dolce Vita continues off the bike, whether or not you’re in Italy. Without the need to transfer hotels, pack and unpack, and learn a new town, you’re free to explore at your leisure. Of course, we’ll show you our favorite spots – the cafe where the barista remembers your drink every time, the winery only known to locals… the possibilities are endless. Evenings include hosted happy hours, amazing dining, and meticulously selected wines – all done to make you wonder if you really need to go home after all.