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More great writing from The Inner Ring, closing with this brilliant anecdote,

After the 1985 Paris-Roubaix race, CBS reporter John Tesh approached Holland’s Theo De Rooy, who said: “It’s bollocks this race! You’re working like an animal—you don’t have time to piss! You wet your pants.

“You’re riding in mud like this, you’re slipping—it’s a piece of s**t,” Screamed De Rooy in the fluent English that so many Dutchmen have at their command.

Tesh looked at De Rooy and asked, “Will you ever ride it again?”

Without hesitation the rider replied: “Sure! It’s the most beautiful race in the world!”

So the next time you ride your bike, be sure to savour the pleasure. For its own sake.

Read the full article on riding as an amateur vs. riding as a pro.

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  • @patrickmbrady @JoeDombro that goes for cycling in general. Maybe that's why I love it so much

  • RT @jeredgruber: Plenty of old snow, but nothing on the road on the Agnello. Bring on tomorrow! #giro

  • RT @JoeDombro: The peloton becomes so much more civilized by week three of a grand tour. Makes you wonder why we can't just be civilized al…

  • @WTCcom unfortunately we never met up with Augustus. That's the incomparable @jeredgruber!

  • @Cyclopaat @Ubaye_Vallee ça roule indeed!

  • The last week of [email protected] will be great, but it's with a heavy heart we say goodbye…

  • @matt_conn That Valle descent was pretty sketchy in the group coming down after the stage. <Insert something about discretion & valor>

  • @matt_conn not easy climbs, eh?

  • @jeredgruber off by 2 minutes. But then again, EPO.

  • @matt_conn In boca domani!

  • @jeredgruber further to our discussion tonight...

  • @Pflax1 That's two commercials today for two of the best spots on the world to ride a bike.

  • What an amazing place for a bike race. If you liked what you saw, visit the Maratona Dolom…

  • More smiling Gruber.

  • The break coming over Passo Sella. You can keep your sports stadium, I'll take the #Dolomi…

  • @matt_conn That was a good place to be. Lots going on yesterday.

  • Good morning from the #dolomites! #nofilter

  • @matt_conn awesome. Looking forward to our return this fall. Yours?

  • GPM Valle. As predicted, shattered. Only small groups or 1s and 2s.

  • Final climb of Valle is very hard. Average hides multiple +15% sections. Descent is super technical and equally steep.